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20-kHz ultrasonic rotation head

20-kHz ultrasonic rotation head

20-kHz ultrasonic rotation head

Diamond dies or other hard tools with inner bore can be machined with ultrasound stimulated spring steel needles and a diamond suspension. Before drilling or polishing is started, the needle geometry must be renewed. In this case, the rotary head permits a regrinding with a clamped tool. The integrated motor creates a speed of up to 1500 rpm. The power is transmitted via carbon brushes. The standard connection thread for sonotrodes is M10, but we can also adjust the connection thread according to your desires. In case of larger machining times which can cause heating, the rotary head can be cooled with compressed air.

  • Ultra 300 G stands on generator and control unit
    Ultrasonic rotation head on Ultra 300 G

The rotary head is equipped with a fastening flange with an outer diameter of 60 mm, suitable as clamping collar, e. g. in a precision drill stand or in machines.








Operating frequency: 20-kHz ±1,5-kHz standard Connection thread: M10 standard
Power output: max. 500 watts in continous operation
1.5 kW in pulsed operation
Fastening: Ø 60 mm flange
Efficiency: > 95% Speed: 4 programmable speeds up to 1500 rpm
Amplitude: 0 – 12 µm at sonic head Dimensions: approx. Ø 140 x 330 mm
Weight: approx. 6 kg

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