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DieDiaMeter – Drawing Die Measuring

DieDiaMeter - drawing die measuring

DieDiaMeter – drawing die measuring

With the DieDiaMeter you can precisely determine a drawing die´s inside diameter with an accuracy of < 1 µm. Our measuring principle uses the greatest possible circle of the drawing die´s telecentric projection. Dirt and ovality are shown as numeric value of the deviation from the circle. Thus, the system can also be used for intermediate measurements without the drawing die having been completely cleaned before. With different object lenses, it is possible to exactly determine the diameters for the whole range between 0.02 and 7,5 mm. The auto focus and the self-centering die holder provides rapid measurement from 20 to 43 mm drawing dies. All measurements and die identification numbers can be processed, stored and printed due to the Windows environment. The device can be easily calibrated to customer-specific reference measurements. It is operated via a touch panel, or pushbuttons. A LAN port and 2 USB ports are available for other peripherals.

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